Two Weeks to Synod

It seems nearly unbelievable that there are only thirteen quick days before delegates from the URCNA gather for Synod 2012.  Along with this fast-approaching date, I’d like to introduce some “special programming” here on URC Psalmody.  Over the next two weeks I plan to summarize each of the musically significant items on the agenda.  Last week I referenced Glenda Mathes’s overview of the provisional agenda, which is the best resource for a complete introduction to the matters coming before synod.  However, here it might be beneficial for us to look a little more closely at the musical implications of the agenda.

Glancing at the table of contents for the provisional agenda, I can identify nine sections of musical importance.  These range from overtures to appeals to reports; some have only a few relevant sentences, while others are dedicated in their entirety to musical topics.  Here is the list:

  • Overture #4 (Hymn Selection) from Classis Southwest US (pp. 47-50)
  • Overture #5 (Hymn Changes) from Classis Southwest US (pp. 51-56)
  • Overture #6 (Musical Suggestions) from Classis Southwest US (pp. 57-84)
  • Overture #8 (Modify Songbook) from Classis Western Canada (pp. 87-90)
  • Overture #9 (Publish Songbook) from Classis Western Canada (pp. 91, 92)
  • Appeal #1 from Living Water Reformed Church (pp. 97, 98)
  • Report of Church Order Committee (pp. 133-214)
  • Report of Psalter Hymnal Committee (pp. 215-224)
  • Report of CECCA (pp. 299-342)

Over the next several days I’ll try to look at each of these items individually.  Meanwhile, the official provisional agenda is always available on the URCNA’s website.  Despite its hefty 403 pages, most of the content is fairly easy reading.  (Enjoy!)

I should also offer a note about the status of URC Psalmody during the week of synod: I probably won’t be sharing the specifics of synod’s deliberations as they occur.  While synodical proceedings are open to the public (except for executive session), the immediacy of online media such as this blog lends itself to the potential for unnecessary controversy.  Discussions on the assembly’s decisions can easily wait until after the meeting is over; “a word in season, how good it is!” (Prov. 15:23 ESV).  Nevertheless, I plan to spend the week of synod discussing equally relevant topics, and I’ll try to keep URC Psalmody up-to-date with links to press releases and other news sources if possible.  So stay tuned—this special feature will continue in a moment!

URCNA Synod 2012Blessings,


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