Thursday Update

2012-06-12 22.59.20It’s a quarter after nine.  I’m sitting in a particularly comfortable seat in the auditorium of Pardington Hall at Nyack College, trying earnestly not to fall asleep under the monotony of motions and debates being processed a few yards in front of me.  I must admit, I haven’t been as faithful in reporting on synodical decisions as I had hoped to be.  But news gets around, and hopefully you haven’t been out of the loop on the most important items discussed in the assembly so far.

Although yesterday’s proceedings were surprisingly smooth (rumors circulated that the delegates might only have a half-day on Friday), synod got a bit more bogged down today in sticky matters such as the songbook, missions coordination, financing, and emeritation.  Dinner was cut short to 6:30 to accommodate the extra time needed to sort out these issues, and I expect that we’ll be here late into the night.  But despite the lengthy discussions, the body of delegates seems to be for the most part unified on important issues.

The singing here at synod seems to get better every day.  Some of today’s best selections were 95 (“Gracious God, My Heart Renew”), 380 (“Amazing Grace”), and 301 (“Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah”).  Many of the men sing the tenor and bass lines, which adds a firm foundation to the voices of the delegates.

All in all, it’s been an encouraging, though sometimes excruciating, day.  As I look around I see many faces with a weary glassy-eyed look, just like mine.  Nevertheless, important decisions continue to be made, and in total I am assured of great results from the URCNA’s Synod 2012.

For a more detailed report on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s work, you may be interested in the official synodical press releases which are now available on the URCNA website.


The path to the dining hall at Nyack College.

2 Responses to “Thursday Update”

  1. 1 Cal June 16, 2012 at 11:51 am

    one of the highlights of Synod was the singing! Appreciated your playing and leading us in praise. Thanks for your service. And although we did get weary at times, it was a great Synod over all!

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