Synod Videos (4)

As promised, I’ve uploaded three more videos of synodical singing.  But before I share the links, I’d like to point out some small tweaks to our humble little website.

  • I’ve created a new “Songbooks” tab containing articles on each of the hymnals we’ve discussed so far.  If you’ve followed the blog since its inception, you’ll notice that the essays on the Genevan Psalter and the 1912 Psalter remain essentially unchanged, but some additions have been made to the Psalter Hymnal and URC/OPC Psalter Hymnal Project pages.  And you can anticipate some new contributions coming soon!
  • We’ve added a separate Contact form for Jim Oord.  This way, you can strike up an email conversation with either one of us.  (Also, both Contact forms have been updated to include all of the denominations with which the URCNA holds ecumenical relations–plus a few more.)
  • The Synod 2012 Info page has been converted into a topical index of the synod-related discussions on URC Psalmody.  If you’re ever searching through our archives, this may be a helpful page to visit.

Now, here are the videos–all of them from Thursday’s sessions.  Opening the morning session, Rev. Jeremy Veldman of the New Haven URC in Vermont led the delegates in devotions and the singing of “Give Thanks to God, for Good is He.”  Elder Tom Albrecht of Zeltenreich URC in Pennsylvania opened the afternoon session with “Gracious God, My Heart Renew” and “Spirit of God, Dwell Thou within My Heart.”

284, “Give Thanks to God, for Good is He”

95, “Gracious God, My Heart Renew”

394, “Spirit of God, Dwell Thou within My Heart”

Believe it or not, a host of synod videos still await publication.  Stay tuned!



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