Ahead: RYS 2012 in Georgia

For the third time this summer, I’m going to be absent from URC Psalmody for a week.  The reason for my first absence was Synod 2012; for the second, the Teens All Serving Christ (TASC) mission trip at West Sayville.  This time, it’s the 2012 Reformed Youth Services international convention, to be held at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia!

Each year, the organizers of the RYS convention pick a theme.  This year’s is “Soar Like Eagles,” focusing on Isaiah 40:31 as the theme verse.  And I’m confident that our two keynote speakers–Rev. Wybren Oord of Trinity URC in Lethbridge, AB, and Rev. Bill Godfrey of Grace URC in Torrance, CA–will do an excellent job of entertaining and challenging their listeners.  For many reasons, I’m looking forward to RYS 2012 with great excitement.  Here’s a video of the convention choir’s performance at last year’s talent show.

The only regrettable aspect of RYS is that I won’t be able to participate on the blog.  For good reason, RYS attendees are not allowed to use their cell phones or any other electronic equipment during the week.  Nevertheless, I look forward to reading all of James’s forthcoming articles as soon as I return.  Rumor has it that he’s going to spend some time mining treasure from the depths of Psalm 119!

So, God willing, I’ll join you again on the other side of RYS 2012, no doubt refreshed and renewed by my week in Georgia.



4 Responses to “Ahead: RYS 2012 in Georgia”

  1. 1 Reita Julien July 21, 2012 at 9:35 am

    Nice, Michael!! I like how you used Psalm 42 that way, too. I have done similar things with the Psalms when using them in church. I also sometimes, use the chorals and put them together with some of the other variations on the same Psalm. That way, if the congregation does not know the choral, they get the connection by using the familiar with the unfamiliar. Sometimes it takes some transposing of one or the other to get it to all fit.
    Have fun at RYS!! Reita Julien

    • 2 Michael Kearney July 21, 2012 at 10:07 am

      Thanks Mrs. Julien! I like your idea about blending familiar with unfamiliar. Right now I’m working on an arrangement of Psalms 50 and 51, which mixes the very familiar tunes (numbers 92, 94, 95) with some less familiar ones (93, 96, and an alternate tune from the old red PsH). As you say, it’s a great way to introduce the congregation to new tunes.



  2. 3 Sarah Janssens July 21, 2012 at 3:52 pm

    That’s awesome! I’m going to be attending RYS this week too.
    Love your blog! Keep doing what your doing. It’s encouraging reading your posts 🙂

    • 4 Michael Kearney July 21, 2012 at 3:57 pm

      Cool! Maybe we can get to talk more during RYS. If it helps you find me, our youth group will be wearing sea-blue shirts on Monday (in keeping with the maritime history of West Sayville). Hope to see you there!


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