Synod CDs Now Available!


Why the pompous fanfare?  Today, I’m excited to announce to you that after more than a month of preparation and collaboration, Pompton Plains Reformed Bible Church (URCNA) has begun production of audio CD recordings of the singing at Synod 2012!

The setting of this year’s synod, Nyack College’s location overlooking the Hudson River, was majestic.  The scenery was splendid.  The fellowship was glorious.  But ask any delegate who attended the URCNA’s federation-wide meeting this June, and you’ll probably be told one thing: The most beautiful part of Synod 2012 was the singing.  Moving many to tears, the music of the week left lasting impressions on each and every attendee.

But there’s another significant aspect of the music at Synod 2012: For the first time in the history of the URCNA (to my knowledge), the sound of 250 men lifting their voices in praise to God has been professionally recorded—and this recording is now available to one and all.

Over the past several weeks I’ve shared links to YouTube videos of the singing at synod.  These are the same recordings, but the CD version is both better quality and much more versatile.  Visit the ordering page here on URC Psalmody for more information on how you can obtain your own copy.

Feel free to share this information with any of your friends, family, or fellow church members.  Simply send them the following link (via email, Facebook, or any other means at your disposal):

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