“Thank You for Your Patience”

Preakness Valley URC

Preakness Valley URC

Loyal readers of URC Psalmody may notice that the blog has been sitting on the proverbial back burner for a little while, at least as far as my contributions are concerned.  That’s certainly not because my life has lately become quiet and unexciting!  Rather, it’s mostly due to a nine-day road trip that took my family from the fall 2012 meeting of Classis Eastern United States to the suburbs of Chicago and back again.  Along the way we had the chance to visit the Preakness Valley United Reformed Church in Wayne, NJ, and worship with the saints at Community United Reformed Church in Schererville, IN.

There are plenty of things to fascinate the Reformed mind in the area around Schererville.  There are lots of United Reformed congregations in the area.  There’s Mid-America Reformed Seminary in nearby Dyer.  And there’s Jim Oord.

Over the weekend Jim arranged for the two of us to accompany the morning worship service at Community URC on organ and piano—a fantastic experience since both instruments were top-notch.  We enjoyed creating arrangements of Psalter Hymnal numbers 48, 49, 160, and 287 on the fly for service music, and accompanying the congregation in singing well-chosen psalms and hymns was incredibly uplifting.

Practicing at Community URC

Practicing at Community URC

Even more incredibly, Jim invited me to give a presentation during Community’s adult Sunday school session on “Psalms for a New Generation.”  This was the first of its kind, and I was truly apprehensive.  By God’s grace, however, I managed to present the material without losing my sanity, and from the feedback I got it seems to have been well-received.  Recordings of the class should be available online in the near future, via YouTube or even SermonAudio.com.

On Tuesday I sat in on a few classes at Mid-America, enjoyed lunch with one of the faculty members, and got to catch up with some friends from synod and RYS.  Jim joined me there in the afternoon, where we recorded a special video version of our ongoing discussion series on Sing a New Song.  Awaiting editing, that presentation should also be up within a week or so.

Along the way, we had the chance to share our passion for the psalms with a wide variety of people.  I was immensely encouraged just by the instruction and encouragement I received during this trip, and by the unique fellowship that only Christians can share.  The journey had its setbacks, but it was nevertheless a time of much-needed growth.

All of this to say: I hope you’ll bear with me as I get back into the flow of things here on URC Psalmody.  Expect some more posts and our “regular features” to pop up over the course of the next few days.  I am excited to see how God will continue to use this humble little blog to bring glory to his Name.

But for now, I will continue to be haunted by the realization that the newest speaker on SermonAudio might be someone who’s not even old enough to vote.


2 Responses to ““Thank You for Your Patience””

  1. 1 Cal Tuininga October 26, 2012 at 8:17 am

    Hey, Michael
    glad you had a good trip. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

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