Kuyper: Worship Songs as an Artistic Exhibition?

When I first read this Reformed Reader blog post, I thought I might re-post it here on URC Psalmody. When another blog reader sent me the same link, I knew I had no choice. Abraham Kuyper’s words are extremely relevant to many of the topics we’ve been discussing over the past weeks. I needn’t comment further except to say, “I agree!” (We’ll be returning to our Monday morning psalm meditations soon. For now, enjoy!)

The Reformed Reader

It’s been awhile since Andrew or I pointed our readers to Abraham Kuyper, so I thought it would be good to do so once again.  The following quotes are found in chapter seven (“Congregational Song”) of Our Worship.  I’ve edited it for the purpose of this blog.

“We defend the use of hymns, but we should remember the following: 1) The spiritual depth of the psalms exceeds by far anything that afterward was composed as a church hymn and was sometimes claimed to be even more spiritual.  2) Whenever hymns came into the churches, they always seemed, first, to push back the psalms, and then to supplant them.  3) The psalms have always echoed the enduring, eternal keynote of the pious heart, while hymns usually had a temporary quality and were marked by what was popular at the moment.  4) In the struggle between hymn and psalm, all nominal…

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