Featured Recording: Happy Birthday, Psalter!

While we concern ourselves primarily with the Psalter Hymnal here on URC Psalmody, we owe a huge portion of our psalm-singing repertoire not to the Christian Reformed Church’s songbook, but to an earlier collection published by the United Presbyterian Board of Publication.  Its title is simply The Psalter.  First released a century ago in 1912, The Psalter has continued to serve denominations like the Protestant Reformed Churches in America right up until the present day.  In fact, just yesterday I mentioned that the 1912 Psalter is now available as an Android app!

As a bit of a preface, let me mention that the United Reformed Churches in North America are not currently in any kind of ecumenical relations (Phase 1 or Phase 2) with the Protestant Reformed Churches in America (PRCA).  Nor is the PRCA a member of NAPARC (the North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council).  There are some historical and doctrinal reasons for this separation which I don’t want to get into here.  Whatever our relation may be to the PRCA, however, perhaps we might learn to imitate their commendable love for the psalms and, in particular, The Psalter.

In fact, that brings us to today’s Featured Recording here on URC Psalmody.  Recently, the Hope Protestant Reformed Church of Redlands, California, held a program commemorating the 100th anniversary of The Psalter.  The event features choirs, instrumental ensembles, children’s groups, and, of course, hearty congregational singing.  Best of all, the entire program was recorded and made available on YouTube!  If you have an hour and a quarter to spare, this presentation is an excellent overview of the contents of the book of Psalms and the reasons why we ought to sing them in worship.  And after listening to these voices of praise to God, who wouldn’t be re-inspired to sing and love the Psalms, the timeless, faultless songs of praise given to us by God himself?


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    I simply MUST include this post by Michael Kearney today (to whose blog I referred you earlier this week.)! It is a gracious tribute to the PRC for her Psalm-singing heritage and to Hope PRC in Redlands, CA in particular for her recent 100th Psalter anniversary program – a must see on YouTube! So, let this be your best “Friday Fun” thing today. What could be better than singing God’s praises through His gift of the Psalms?! And, once again, thank you, Michael, for all you are doing to promote Psalm-singing.

  1. 1 Featured Recording: Dutch Psalm 42 « URC Psalmody Trackback on February 8, 2013 at 7:06 am

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