Featured Recording: An Introduction to the CanRC

In Wednesday’s post on Lord’s Day 7 of the Heidelberg Catechism, I pointed you to a video recording of the Genevan setting of Psalm 138 as sung by a Canadian Reformed Church in Langley, BC.  This song is nearly identical to Psalter Hymnal number 287, “With All My Heart Will I Record.”  For today’s Featured Recording, I’d like to call your attention back to this video and examine it in a bit more detail.

The organist is Frank Ezinga, who has a YouTube channel, a personal website, and a website on Reformed church music from the Canadian Reformed perspective.  First of all, I give anyone credit who can prepare their registrations and open their songbook while simultaneously playing a well-crafted introduction to a psalm.  After this rousing opening, the congregation begins to sing in unison.  Ezinga’s accompaniment throughout the psalm is rhythmically steady, harmonically interesting, and melodically supportive.  In the second stanza he uses a reed solo stop which, although it may sound strange at first, blends perfectly with the voices of the congregation.  The third and fourth verses contain a gradual building-up of sound, until he wraps up with a brilliant concluding cadence at the end of the versification.  If you’re unfamiliar with the worship style of our brothers and sisters in the Canadian Reformed Churches, this video serves as a perfect introduction.

All in all, I greatly admire Ezinga’s accompaniment style, and I’d encourage you to check out his other videos and his websites for more insights into the world of Reformed music.


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