RYS’s Tribute to the Heidelberg Catechism

The 2013 Reformed Youth Services Convention met at the University of Northwestern in St. Paul, MN.

The 2013 Reformed Youth Services Convention met at the University of Northwestern in St. Paul, MN.

For the first time in its history, the ministry of Reformed Youth Services has made available to the public the audio from its 2013 International Convention, as well as the videos from its Talent Show.  The theme of the convention this past year was “Mission Possible,” based on I Timothy ii.3, 4; this year’s keynote speakers were both excellent and challenged their young audience to live their lives as servants, soldiers, and sojourners of Christ the King.

You can find links to the convention sessions in the side navigation of Reformed Youth Services’s website, or read more about the event in the July 31/August 21 issue of Christian Renewal magazine.  My purpose in mentioning the RYS convention, however, is to point you specifically to this year’s choir selection.

This year Mrs. Kathy Arrick, the wife of Rev. Steve Arrick of the Zeltenreich URC in Lancaster County, PA, directed the convention choir.  The anthem she selected was an old one, unlike the choir’s selections in previous years; but, as she explained, it had a unique message.  Mrs. Arrick specifically picked this song to coincide with the first question and answer of the Heidelberg Catechism.

The anthem “The Potter and the Clay” opens with these poignant lines:

Lord, I have tried to go my own way,
Wandering alone day after day.

This acknowledgment of “how great my sin and misery are” is followed by a powerful reminder of the fact that “I am not my own”: as the three-part harmony explodes, the choir cries, “Now I am Yours!  Guide me, I pray.  You are the Potter, Lord; I am the clay.”

Note the rest of these Biblically-rooted lyrics as you listen to the rest of the anthem.  The choir finally concludes:

Held in Your hand, I thankfully pray:
You are the Potter, Lord;
I am the clay.

Enjoy the video at this link or embedded below.

All glory be to Jesus Christ, our faithful Savior!


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