Trinity Sings!

Even when blog posts have been sparse, URC Psalmody’s YouTube channel has been growing slowly but steadily over the past year.  In the next few weeks, however, it looks as though it will grow much more substantially.

Trinity Orthodox Reformed Church

Trinity Orthodox Reformed Church, 2003

In February of 2013 a member of Adoration URC in Vineland, ON, contacted me about an album of congregational singing Trinity Orthodox Reformed Church (URCNA) in nearby St. Catharines had produced in 2003.  Having recently digitized Trinity’s 1989 album Songs of Praise, I was eager to obtain more recordings of this church’s energetic singing.

This blog reader managed to get a copy of this two-CD album from relatives and kindly mailed it to me.  In spite of both discs being heavily scratched, I was able to salvage all of the tracks with minimal audio problems.  Trinity Sings! includes a whopping forty-three congregational songs from the blue Psalter Hymnal, with Len Van Geest playing the organ and coordinating the recording.  This was a rare find!

The next step was to obtain permission from Trinity ORC to post these recordings online, a query I didn’t get around to sending until January of this year.  Trinity’s council quickly assented to this request.  With the second semester of my first year of college already underway, however, I simply didn’t have the time needed to produce and upload all the YouTube videos involved in this undertaking.

Featured RecordingThankfully, with this July comes the chance to breathe a little bit and bring this project to completion.  I’d like to upload at least the best selections from Trinity Sings! over the next few weeks, particularly the Psalter Hymnal songs for which URC Psalmody doesn’t already have recordings.  Below is a sample video which I’ve already uploaded.


In other news, I’ve begun a new YouTube playlist which I hope to fill with psalm settings that appear in the recently-approved URCNA/OPC Psalm Proposal (to avoid the possibility of copyright infringement, only those settings which already appear in a published songbook).  As our congregations and musicians look forward to the release of the new Psalter Hymnal as early as 2017, we would do well to familiarize ourselves with as many of the “new” texts and tunes as possible.  The playlist is available here.

Thanks again for your patience, and for keeping up with URC Psalmody!


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