The Lord’s Songs in a Strange Land: March 29, 2020

Here are some videos of psalms and hymns for churches and families to consider using in their worship preparations this coming Sunday, March 29. The numbers correspond to the Trinity Psalter Hymnal.

Click t to view the song lyrics, p to view lyrics and music together, and v to play a video recording of the song. The lyrics and music in the recording may not match the Trinity Psalter Hymnal exactly, but they are similar enough that it is possible to sing along.

# Text Tune t p v
22C Amid the thronging worshipers BOVINA t p v
67B O God, show mercy to us THAXTED t v
84C O Lord of hosts, how lovely ST. EDITH (ST. HILDA) t p v
92B It is good to sing your praises ELLESDIE t p v
157 When morning gilds the skies LAUDES DOMINI t p v
343 What wondrous love is this, O my soul, O my soul WONDROUS LOVE t p v

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