For now, URC Psalmody is just a simple blog. But with an eye to the future, here are some possibilities for our eventual expansion.

  • Open up the blog: If the discussions become so abundant that I can’t manage them all by myself, I can always add more authors or contributors. If you have any great ideas for topics, please let me know!
  • Create a Psalter Hymnal database: Eventually, I would like to build an internet library of sorts, containing texts, tunes, recordings, and arrangements of Psalter Hymnal selections.
  • Start a more formal Psalter Hymnal website: If this blog takes root, it wouldn’t be hard to set up our own website where information could accumulate while the discussions continue.
  • Open an online store: Over the past few years I have compiled a set of arrangements for church musicians (preludes, offertories, and postludes for organ and piano with solo instruments) based on tunes in the Psalter Hymnal. If other musicians have enough interest in these arrangements, I would consider the idea of publishing them over the internet.
  • Redirect focus to the new URC Psalter Hymnal: In a few years, there is the exciting possibility that the URC (in collaboration with the Orthodox Presbyterian Church or OPC) will have completed its own, brand-new Psalter Hymnal.  When this hymnbook comes out, we will have an immense new wealth of material to study, practice, and sing.  At that time, I’d like to focus this blog more centrally on the URC Psalter Hymnal to aid us as church musicians as we incorporate its songs into our worship and repertoire.

I would appreciate your input on all of these ideas for the future of URC Psalmody! Questions and comments, as always, are welcome.



4 Responses to “Future”

  1. 1 Jim O June 4, 2012 at 11:27 pm

    Regarding the “Online Store,” I think it would be a tremendous idea (as I told you before in private conversation).

    Speaking as a musician, it forever frustrates me that:
    a) every piano/organ arrangement book that comes out has iterations of the same 12 songs every time… Amazing Grace, Blessed Assurance, Be Thou My Vision, etc. Those songs are great, but it’s hard to find arrangements of more obscure tunes that don’t sit at the “Cool Tunes’ Table.”
    b) there are no consistently good places to find arrangements of the Psalter Hymnal tunes.
    c) where I do find them, the arrangements are so old and reflective of the musical styles of their time that they come off as corny, cheesy, and gimmicky.

    I’m not gifted enough (yet) to improvise or write arrangements of my own, so a forum to find good resources would be a boon.

    Speaking as a churchman, having more arrangements of the Psalter Hymnal tunes (and having them easily accessible for download) would be a great tool for our churches. Repetition of the tunes we sing would help us learn them better. Creative settings that reflect the text would help us love them better.

    Having more arrangements of Psalter Hymnal tunes in our worship services would lead to a greater familiarity with the Psalter Hymnal. It’d be a step toward truly making it “our” hymnal – with its words and tunes on our lips and in our hearts.

    Of course all this applies to doing the same thing with songs and tunes from the new hymnal, too, once that is in our pews. I already try to incorporate as many of the proposed hymns as possible into my preludes and postludes, just to proactively boost familiarity.

    So I encourage you (and other musicians reading this) to start banding together to make some sort of online warehouse of musical blessings.

    • 2 Michael Kearney June 5, 2012 at 1:24 pm

      Thanks Jim. As you know, these suggestions are well-taken! 🙂 If an online store takes root, it will probably be sometime later this summer. Fellow church musicians, have you composed any of your own Psalter Hymnal arrangements? Would you be willing to share them online if we start a “warehouse of musical blessings”?


  2. 3 Norm V. January 3, 2014 at 11:46 am

    Any chance you can post a video of you on the piano playing #258 (Psalm 120 – I cried to God in my Distress)?

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