Michael Kearney will be giving a livestreamed pipe organ concert to benefit Geneva College’s COVID-19 Fund, an emergency fund created to help this Reformed Christian institution of higher education weather the significant financial strains associated with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The special organ concert to benefit the COVID-19 Project Fund will be held at one of the largest and most beautiful sanctuaries in Pennsylvania’s Beaver Valley, the First Presbyterian Church of Beaver Falls. The location traditionally hosts Geneva’s Christmas choir and organ performances, which often draw audiences of 800 or more. This year, due to physical distancing requirements and an unusual semester schedule, the choir recorded a Christmas concert for empty pews. Kearney accompanied their prerecorded performance, but he is also taking the opportunity to showcase the First Presbyterian organ in a separate online recital.

The concert, recorded at First Presbyterian Church in Beaver Falls, PA, will be livestreamed on YouTube at 7 p.m. EST on Friday, December 18, 2020. Our stream link is below:

Check this page to donate to Geneva College.

The concert will also be available to watch on YouTube after the broadcast has ended.

URC Psalmody on YouTube

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