How did we get here? Well, URC Psalmody started when discussions about Reformed worship with a lot of likeminded people led me to notice the need for a forum where these conversations could happen on a more regular basis. Easy!

But as you can guess, that’s not what I mean by the question, “How did we get here?” Rather, where did our views on psalm-singing come from? Why do the United Reformed Churches in North America (and several other Reformed and Presbyterian denominations) make it a point to sing psalms and not just hymns? By the same token, why don’t we sing the psalms exclusively, like some other Reformed and Presbyterian denominations? Why do we call our book of praise a Psalter Hymnal?

The answers to most of these questions have theological aspects which have been covered to some extent over here. But most of these answers also have significant historical aspects that we would be wise not to neglect. This page is a repository for several historical documents, arranged more or less chronologically, that trace the line of psalm-singing inherited by the URCNA.

The CRC adopts an English psalter, c. 1914

The CRC decides to sing hymns as well as psalms, c. 1930

The URCNA splits from the CRC, 1996

  • See the material on the URCNA’s website under “About”

The URCNA decides to publish its own songbook, 1997

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