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This page provides a partial list of online resources associated with the psalms in the Trinity Psalter Hymnal. It seeks to help pastors, musicians, and church members in gaining familiarity with the music of the Trinity Psalter Hymnal by sharing resources that are already freely available online. See the official Trinity Psalter Hymnal website for a variety of other resources, including ordering information for print copies and digital PDF editions. See this playlist for songs from the Trinity Psalter Hymnal for listening (not congregational singing).

Generally, the availability of these resources is limited to metrical settings and tunes that are in the public domain or administered by the Trinity Psalter Hymnal Joint Venture of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and the United Reformed Churches in North America. The list also includes recordings of some psalms administered by Crown & Covenant Publications, which are available through their YouTube channel.

This table includes the following links to resources:

  • t: A plain-text version of the psalm setting–lyrics only.
  • p: A page scan of the psalm setting–lyrics and sheet music.
  • v: A video recording of the psalm setting for singing along.

Where possible, I have provided links to YouTube videos with recordings of each psalm setting that are suitable for singing along (either congregational recordings or instrumental tracks). The matches are not always exact; sometimes the recording includes slightly different words, a different harmonization, a different number of stanzas, or an alternate tune. Often, the song numbers in the video reflect an old numbering scheme from the 1912 United Presbyterian Psalter or the 1959/1976 CRC Psalter Hymnal. See the Psalter Hymnal Resource Library for a fuller list of resources related to the blue Psalter Hymnal.

This is an ongoing and hastily-assembled project. Please contact me if you notice errors or have additions to suggest. Many of the YouTube videos are not associated with URC Psalmody; they may change or disappear at any time.

The table is adapted with permission from

# Text Tune t p v
1A That man is blest who, fearing God MEDITATION t p v
1B How blest the man who does not walk ST. PETERSBURG p
2A Why do heathen nations rage? MONSEY CHAPEL
2B Why do heathen nations rage? SALZBURG p
3 O Lord, how many are my foes! DETROIT t
4 Give ear, God of my righteousness DUNFERMLINE p
5 Hear my words, O LORD my God ABERYSTWYTH t p
6 O LORD, in wrath rebuke me not OLIVE’S BROW p
7 O LORD my God, in you I refuge seek SONG 24 p
8A O LORD, our Lord, in all the earth CLINTON
8B LORD, our Lord, in all the earth AMSTERDAM v
8C Lord, our Lord, thy glorious name EVENING PRAISE t p v
9A I praise you, LORD, with all my heart HALIFAX p
9B Wholehearted thanksgiving to thee will I bring TO GOD BE THE GLORY t p v
10 O LORD, why do you stand far off HALIFAX p
11A I take my refuge in the LORD BOURBON p
11B The LORD is my refuge, how then can you say FOUNDATION
12 Help, LORD, because the godly ones have vanished GENEVAN 12 (DONNE SECOURS) p v
13 How long will you forget me, LORD? MEDITATION p
14 The fool speaks in his heart SOUTHWELL (Daman) p
15A LORD, who shall sojourn in your tent HERR JESU CHRIST DICH ZU UNS WEND p
15B Who, O Lord, with thee abiding HELEN t p v
16A Preserve me, O my God LEOMINSTER p
16B Preserve me, O God, for I’m trusting in you STERLING v
17 O hear my righteous plea, LORD LLANGLOFFAN p
18A I love you, LORD, my strength, my rock JORDAN
18B I love you, LORD, my strength, my rock MENDON p
19A The heav’ns above declare ARTHUR’S SEAT
19B The heav’ns above declare COLUMBIA
20A The LORD in your distress attend LEIGHTON p
20B The LORD in your distress attend TALLIS’ CANON
21A O LORD, in your strength how the king is exultant! EXULTATION
21B O LORD, in your great strength the king ALL SAINTS NEW
22A My God, my God, O why have you KINGSFOLD
22B All you that fear Jehovah’s name PARK STREET t p v
22C Amid the thronging worshipers BOVINA t p v
22D The ends of all the earth shall hear VISION t p v
23A The Lord’s my Shepherd, I’ll not want CRIMOND t v
23B The Lord’s my Shepherd, I’ll not want EVAN t p v
23C The LORD is my Shepherd; no want shall I know TARWATHIE
24A The earth and the riches with which it is stored LANSING
24B The earth and its riches abundantly stored JOANNA (ST. DENIO)
25A LORD, to you my soul is lifted GENEVAN 25 p v
25B LORD, to you I lift my soul EVERLASTING LOVE
25C Lord, I lift my soul to thee SEYMOUR t p v
26 Declare me innocent, O LORD MASSACHUSETTS
27A The LORD’s my light and saving help BETHLEHEM (Fink) (SERAPH) p
27B Jehovah is my light MILLENIUM v
28 To you, O LORD, I cry; my Rock TALLIS’ CANON p
29A Now unto the LORD, all you sons of the mighty WILLOW GROVE t
29B Now unto Jehovah, ye sons of the mighty ARLES p v
30 O LORD, I will extol you NOEL t p
31A In you, O LORD, I put my trust JORDAN
31B In thee, O Lord, I put my trust NAOMI t p
32A What blessedness belongs to him RESIGNATION
32B How blest is he whose trespass RUTHERFORD t p v
33 With joy let us sing to the LORD, all you righteous ASH GROVE
34A I will at all times bless the LORD EUPHEMIA p v
34B The LORD I will at all times ever bless UNDE ET MEMORES
34C Through all the changing scenes of life DOWNS t p
35 LORD, plead my case when I am charged KINGSFOLD p
36A My heart has heard an oracle WALSALL p
36B Transgression speaks to wicked man CADDO p
37 Do not fret on account of the wicked WIELAND p
38 LORD, in your wrath rebuke me not LLEF p
39 “I will take heed and guard my ways,” I said LONGWOOD p
40A I waited long upon the LORD ANCYRA p
40B I waited for the LORD FINGAL v
41 Blest is the one who helps the weak and poor MORECAMBE p
42A As the deer pants for the waters GENEVAN 42 (THIRSTING) p v
42B As pants the deer for flowing streams O WALY WALY p
42C As thirsts the hart for water brooks BACA t p v
43A Vindicate me, O God, my God ARCADIA
43B Judge me, God of my salvation AMARA t p v
44 O God, we have heard, and our fathers have told MALDWYN
45A My heart is greatly stirred OLIVA SPECIOSA
45B My heart does overflow LEOMINSTER t p
46A God is our refuge and our strength BETHLEHEM (Fink) (SERAPH) p v
46B God is our refuge and our strength NOEL t p
46C God is our refuge and our strength EIN’ FESTE BURG t p
47A O clap your hands, all peoples shout! TRURO p
47B Clap your hands and shout! GENEVAN 47 (ASCENDING KING) v
48A Great is the LORD our God DIADEMATA
48B The LORD is great and greatly praised FOREST GREEN p
49 Hear this, all you peoples; listen EIFIONYDD p
50 The mighty One, our God the LORD LEICESTER p
51A Be merciful, be merciful to me GENEVAN 51 p v
51B God, be merciful to me OTTAWA p
51C God, be merciful to me REDHEAD 76 (AJALON) t p v
52 Mighty man, why boast of evil? GENEVAN 77 v
53 The fool speaks in his heart SOUTHWELL (Daman) p
54 By your name, O God, now save me EBENEZER (TON-Y-BOTEL)
55 O hear my cry for mercy, God DONNELLY
56 O God, be merciful INVITATION p
57 Be merciful, O God AIN
58 You gods and rulers, can you claim SHEPHERDS’ PIPES
59 O save me from my foes, my God DONNELLY
60 You, O God, reject and spurn us KATUSHKA
61A God, hear my prayer, my voice attend COLWYN BAY
61B O hear my urgent cry, my God BELMONT p
62A My soul in silence waits for God BETHLEHEM (Fink) (SERAPH) p
62B For God alone my soul awaits WIBERG
63A O God, you are my God alone PUER NOBIS NASCITUR p
63B O Lord, my God, most earnestly THE GREEN HILL t p v
64 Hear my voice, O God, in my complaint SCHMÜCKE DICH
65A Praise waits for you in Zion NYLAND
65B Praise waits for you, O God, in Zion GENEVAN 65 p v
65C Praise waits for thee in Zion MENDEBRAS t p v
66A O shout to God with joy, all earth WIE SCHÖN LEUCHTET p
66B Come, all ye people, bless our God ADOWA t p
67A O God, to us show mercy MEIRIONYDD t p v
67B O God, show mercy to us THAXTED t v
68A God shall arise and by his might GENEVAN 68 v
68B O Lord, thou hast ascended MISSIONARY HYMN t p v
69A O save me, God, because the floods XAVIER
69B Thy lovingkindness, Lord, is good and free ELLERS t p v
70 Make haste, O God, to save me MUNICH p
71 In you, LORD, I take refuge ST. CHRISTOPHER p
72A O God, your judgments give the King OSTEND p
72B Hail to the Lord’s anointed ES FLOG EIN KLEINS WALDVÖGELEIN v
73A Surely God is good to Israel FULL CIRCLE
73B Yes, God is good to Israel VATER UNSER v
73C In sweet communion, Lord, with thee ST. FLAVIAN t p v
73D In sweet communion, Lord, with thee PRAYER t p v
74 Why, O God, have you cast us off forever EPIPHANY (Wesley)
75 We give you thanks, O God CARLISLE p
76 God the Lord is known in Judah NEANDER
77 I cried aloud to God for help RESIGNATION
78 O my people, hear my teaching LUX PRIMA p
79A God the nations have invaded O MEIN JESU, ICH MUSS STERBEN p
79B Remember not, O God GORTON t p v
80A O Shepherd of Israel, hear us, give ear MALDWYN t p
80B Great shepherd who leadest thy people in love CARITAS t p v
81A Sing aloud to God our strength BEACH SPRING
81B Shout aloud to God GENEVAN 81 p v
82 God stands in the great assembly STUTTGART p
83 O my God, do not keep silent EIFIONYDD p
84A O LORD of hosts, how lovely TOURS t p
84B O LORD of hosts, how lovely LLANGLOFFAN t p
84C O Lord of hosts, how lovely ST. EDITH (ST. HILDA) t p v
85 You were pleased to show our favor RUSTINGTON p
86A Hear me, O LORD, and answer me LLEF p
86B Lord, my petition heed MASON t v
87A Zion, founded on the mountains CAERSALEM t
87B Zion, founded on the mountains ZION t p
88 LORD, you are the God who saves me OTTERY ST. MARY
89A I will forever sing of your great love, O LORD GENEVAN 89 v
89B My song forever shall record MAYRTON t p v
90A Lord, you have been our dwelling place ST. CATHERINE p
90B Lord, you have ever been our dwelling place SUILVEN
91A The one who dwells in God as his abode WOODLANDS p
91B Who with God Most High finds shelter HYFRYDOL
92A It’s good to thank the LORD DARWALL v
92B It is good to sing your praises ELLESDIE t p v
93 The LORD reigns over all FESTAL SONG p
94A Mighty LORD, the God of vengeance BLAENHAFREN
94B Almighty LORD God, who judges the earth ASPINWALL
95A O come before the LORD, our King ST. PETERSBURG t p
95B O come, let us sing with joy to the LORD HANOVER (Croft) p
95C Now with joyful exultation BEECHER t p v
96 Sing to the Lord, sing his praise, all you peoples WESLEY (MASON) t p v
97A The LORD our God is King! GENEVAN 97 v
97B The LORD reigns, let the earth be glad! UXBRIDGE p
98A O sing a new song to the LORD LYNGHAM v
98B Sing to the LORD, a new song voicing GENEVAN 98 (RENDEZ À DIEU) v
98C Sing a new song to Jehovah AUSTRIAN HYMN t p v
99A The LORD God reigns on high LEONI p
99B The LORD God reigns in majesty ELLACOMBE t p
100A Shout to the LORD, all earth DIADEMATA p
100B All people that on earth do dwell GENEVAN 134 (OLD HUNDREDTH) t p v
101A Of steadfast love and justice, LORD DOWNS p
101B LORD, I will worship you with great rejoicing GENEVAN 101 v
102A LORD, hear my prayer for aid, my plea. JERUSALEM (Parry)
102B Thou, O Lord, art God alone ST. GEORGE’S WINDSOR t p v
103A Bless the LORD, my soul, and all within BEECHER p
103B O bless the LORD with all my soul WER DA WONET p
103C Come, my soul, and bless the LORD KEESEE
103D The tender love a father has AVONDALE t p v
103E O come, my soul, bless thou the Lord thy Maker TIDINGS t p v
104A Bless the LORD, my soul! O LORD my ODE TO JOY p
104B My soul, bless the LORD! My God, you are great! LYONS v
105A O thank the LORD, declare his name BUCKLEBURY p
105B O thank the LORD with great rejoicing GENEVAN 105 v
105C O praise the LORD, his deeds make known BETHLEHEM (Fink) (SERAPH) p
106A O sing hallelujah! Praise God for his goodness CHESED
106B O praise the Lord, for he is good BARRE t p v
107A O thank the LORD, for he is good GOSHEN p
107B Praise the LORD, for he is good HALLE t p v
108 My heart is steadfast, God! ST. THOMAS (Williams) p
109 O my God, whose name I worship BLAENHAFREN p
110A The LORD said to my Lord ST. THOMAS (Williams) p
110B The LORD has spoken to my Lord ALL SAINTS NEW v
111A Praise to the LORD! I will extol him LES COMMANDEMENTS DE DIEU p
111B O give the LORD wholehearted praise GERMANY t p
112 O praise the LORD! The man is blest HETHERTON
113A Hallelujah! Raise, O raise MONKLAND p
113B Praise God, O servants of the Lord ANDRE t p
114 When Jacob’s house from Egypt came WINCHESTER NEW p
115A Not to us, LORD, not to us ABERYSTWYTH p
115B Not unto us, O Lord of heav’n GAIRNEY BRIDGE t p v
116A I love the LORD, for he has heard my voice EVENTIDE (Monk) p v
116B I love the Lord, the fount of life and grace GENEVAN 116 t v
116C What shall I render to the Lord WALLACE t p
117A Praise Jehovah, all ye nations IN BABILONE t p v
117B Praise the LORD God, all ye nations REGENT SQUARE p
117C Praise Jehovah, all ye nations ST. OSWALD t p
118A O thank the LORD for all his goodness GENEVAN 66 (RENDEZ À DIEU) p v
118B The glorious gates of righteousness ZERAH t p v
119A How blessed are those upright in their way GENEVAN 119 v
119B How shall the young direct their way? DUANE STREET t p v
119C Do good to me and I will live WAREHAM p
119D My soul is sinking down to dust OLIVE’S BROW p
119E Teach me, O LORD, your way of truth BISHOP t p v
119F Let your mercy and love come to me MULCHAICH
119G Your word remember to your needy servant PERFECT LOVE p
119H You, LORD, are the portion that I long for BOWERSBURN
119I You treated your servant with grace TREWEN p
119J Give me insight to learn your commands CONTENTMENT
119K My soul for your salvation yearns and faints SUILVEN
119L Eternal is your word, O LORD MELITA p
119M O how I love your holy law, O LORD! TOULON p
119N Your word sheds light upon my path CANONBURY t
119O The double-minded I abhor DAS WALT GOTT VATER p
119P I have followed truth and justice ROBINSON t p v
119Q Wonderful are your statutes, LORD ST. CRISPIN p
119R O LORD, you are the righteous one WINCHESTER NEW p
119S With all my heart I cry, O LORD, please answer! GENEVAN 110 p v
119T See my distress and save me, for your laws SANDON p
119U Though princes hound me for no cause DEUS TUORUM MILITUM p
119V LORD, let my cry before you come FEDERAL STREET p
120 I called upon the LORD in my distress CADBOLL ROAD
121A I lift my eyes up to the hills DUNDEE p
121B To the hills I lift my eyes GUIDE t p v
122A I was filled with joy and gladness CWM RHONDDA p
122B My heart was glad to hear the welcome sound MORECAMBE t p v
123 To you, O LORD, I lift my eyes FILLMORE p
124 Now Israel may say, and that in truth GENEVAN 124 t p v
125 All those who trust the LORD QUAM DILECTA p
126A When Zion’s fortunes God restored ST. FLAVIAN p
126B When in his might the Lord ARTHUR’S SEAT t p v
127A Unless the Lord the house shall build ILLA t p v
127B Unless the LORD builds up the house DEUS TUORUM MILITUM t p
128A How blest are all who fear the LORD McKEE v
128B Blest the man who fears Jehovah GALILEE (Jude) t p v
129 “From youth they have afflicted me” SAXONY p
130A LORD, from the depths to you I cry! ST. COLUMBA p
130B From out the depths I cry, O Lord, to you SANDON t p v
131A My heart is not exalted, LORD LOBT GOTT, IHR CHRISTEN p
131B Not haughty is my heart TRENTHAM t p
132 LORD, our God, remember David BLAENWERN p
133A How excellent a thing it is ST. STEPHEN p
133B How good and pleasant is the sight PRESSLY t p v
134 Come, bless the LORD with one accord GENEVAN 134 (OLD HUNDREDTH) t p v
135 O praise the LORD! His praise proclaim! CREATION p
136 O thank the LORD, for he is good CONSTANCE p
137 By flowing streams in Babylon BRYNTEG p
138A With all my heart my thanks I bring ST. PETERSBURG p v
138B With grateful heart my thanks I bring SOLID ROCK t p v
139A O LORD, you see and search my life ST. MATTHEW p
139B LORD, you have searched me and you know WOODWORTH t p v
140 O save me, LORD, from evil men LEICESTER p
141 O LORD, to you I call SOUTHWELL (Daman) p
142 I cry for mercy to the LORD ROCKINGHAM OLD p
143A Hear now my prayer, O LORD LOVE UNKNOWN p
143B O hear my prayer, LORD DOLGELLEY p
144A Now blessed be the LORD RHOSYMEDRE p
144B O blest be the LORD God, my rock and my might JOANNA (ST. DENIO) p
145A I will exalt you, O my God and king YORKSHIRE p
145B I will exalt you, God, my king DUKE STREET p v
145C I will extol you, O my God NOEL t p v
145D God, my king, thy might confessing STUTTGART t p v
146 Praise the LORD! My soul, O praise him! RIPLEY p v
147A O praise the LORD! How good it is PETERSHAM p
147B O praise the LORD, for it is good MINERVA p v
148A From heav’n O praise the LORD! ST. CATHERINES v
148B Hallelujah, praise Jehovah PRAISE JEHOVAH t p v
149A Give praise to the LORD and sing a new song LAUDATE DOMINUM
149B O praise ye the Lord and sing a new song HANOVER (Croft) t p
150A Hallelujah! Praise the LORD GENEVAN 150 v
150B Praise the LORD God in his temple WYCLIFF p
150C Sing hallelujah! Praise the LORD! LASST UNS ERFREUEN p

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